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Originally posted by Master
I`m looking forward to RTCW based on D3 engine. Imagine castle&dungeon levels with zombies in this engine ! I am looking forward to this game since it is going to be scary.

I don`t care if it has some new style of gameplay or not. All I want is a long scary immersive action game. And D3 shall be like that judging from the screenshots and E3 video.

Don`t forget that music makes a lot of difference. Try playing Quake1 with and without Nine Inch soundtrack. Too big of a difference for one game, isn`t it ?

My only complaint is about low-poly models. Does somebody know for sure they`re low-poly only now so that devs can play it at more than 5 fps and they`ll be high-poly later ?
they're not going to be "high poly." instead of pushing polygons, Carmack is focusing the power of hardware on real time dynamic shadows. and i think that's a great move. this will get the shadows out into the open, when hardware advances and the engine is licensed by other studios, then we can see "high poly" models. they're only "low poly" compared to what other engines will be producing at the time. a good comparison may or may not be the single player game Unreal 2, which should have some nice models.
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