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Default Re: Tv-output hangs computer at shutdown

I'm using RHFC2 with kernel 2.6.6 and xorg as X server. The prob happens when I use the TV Output, then I can't leave the X server anymore, else I get a black screen and the compie seems to hang. That also happens at shutdown of course. Has anybody got an idea ?

My graphic card is a GeForce 4 Ti4200 and I'm running driver 5336.

I have the same problem, same card, same driver. With the old drivers, I could
use both my monitor and the tv at the same time, no problem, but after the
'upgrade' to 5336, I've had to disable the tv-out in order to be able to log out
without crashing. So far I've not found a better solution. Not much help, I know,
but now at least you know it's a common problem :-(

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