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Default Re: ac3 passthrough with xine

Originally Posted by mrflippy

I have a shuttle machine with an nForce2 motherboard running Fedora Core 1. I've finally gotten alsa to send all standard sound (even oss emulation) through spdif to my receiver. However, I cannot get ac3 passthrough working. I can get stereo sound for dvds in xine without a problem, but as soon as I enable the a52_passthrough option, I get no sound from dvds. It seems as though it's trying to do something, because I often get a "pop" from the speakers when it starts playing the sounds, but after that I get no sound output. (If I uncheck a52_passthrough, sound works ok, but it's not surround)

Does anyone have any idea how to get this working? (I can post whatever config files might be useful after I get home from work)

Hello Andy,

Did you check the Xine How-To:

Here I found this on AC3:

The AC3 via S/PDIF is supported by ALSA only for some soundcards (mostly those with Trident 4DWaveNX, YMF or Emu10k1 chips). So if you have a suitable soundcard use

$ xine -S -A alsa
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