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Originally Posted by Iuris
I'm THIS close to deciding on whether to buy the 6800 or an X800. This magnificent topic has dispelled most doubts, but I'd like to ask for one more bit of help...

Some ATI fanboys keep posting a pic-to-pic comparison that indicates problems with the GF 6800. It's a pic of a beach, probably near the boathouse, since there is a wooden construction reaching out into the sea, and it includes some deeper water with seaweed growing on the bottom beneath the wooden construction.

The pic has several problems, especially the deeper water around the seaweed is rendered, well, crudely. Huge blobs, squarish in nature,...
Being you, I wouldn't decide which card to buy based only on one game that is known to have problems with the nv40.

You (and everyone judgeing the nv40 on FC) should consider the following facts :
  • there are still no WHQL certified nv40 drivers from nVidia, and thus it's highly probable that the current drivers still have a number of bugs (affecting both performance and quality, at least in FC),
  • FC is the only game in which nv40 shows such problems, or at least is the one where you can clearly see these problems,
  • CryTek (supposedly) has an upcoming patch enabling sm3.0 and solving most of the problem with the nv40,
  • Almost every other game has no problems with the nv40, both from a performance pov and a quality one.

Now, it is quite clear that most of these problems come from the CryEngine more than anything else. Or at least its interaction with the current forceware drivers.

Thus, unless the only game you play is FC, I'd skip FC from the bunch of games on which to decide on the buy. That said, I never known anyone playing only one game, and buying a card (and a system) only for one game is, imho, crazy.

Moreover, from what jackUp showed us, it seems like the nv40 with the forced r300 path works quite great. And this fact alone tells a lot about the current status of the CryEngine/forceware drivers pair.

In the end, don't put too much weight on the FC performance/quality, mainly because it's higly likely for the situation to radically change in the upcoming weeks/months, as the drivers become more mature and CryTek releases the sm3.0/nv40 patch.

Just my 2c.
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