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Originally Posted by Iuris
I'm THIS close to deciding on whether to buy the 6800 or an X800. This magnificent topic has dispelled most doubts, but I'd like to ask for one more bit of help...

Some ATI fanboys keep posting a pic-to-pic comparison that indicates problems with the GF 6800. It's a pic of a beach, probably near the boathouse, since there is a wooden construction reaching out into the sea, and it includes some deeper water with seaweed growing on the bottom beneath the wooden construction.

The pic has several problems, especially the deeper water around the seaweed is rendered, well, crudely. Huge blobs, squarish in nature,...

Would you please be so kind so as to check it out? Maybe even a screenshot? All the other water screenshots don't really focus on the seabed, but the water surface... 99% of the scene is great though
Yes.. when the 6800 is running in R300 mode... (not sure about standard NV30 codepath) The seaweed is pretty screwed up... they are huge squares... likley just a bug.
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