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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by fazi1985
PSU is not a problem. I tried a 400W piece, and the same occured. It must be the cooling or crappy chip.
it may in fact be a crappy chip or cooling, however lets go back to your overclocking technique ??

Are you using driver coolbits, or Rivatuner ??

What mostly confuses me is you cards inability to overclock from 400 to 405 without throttling back during testing ???

A known problem of overclocking, especially with Rivatuner, is that the throttling function gets prematurely triggered during the stress tests, and remains in that condition until reset by rebooting ! This means if it has been triggered by the overclocking stress tests, and you don't reboot, then your card will repeatedly throttle down to 375MHz during any performance testing !!! And it doesn't matter if you overclock by 1MHz or 100Mhz, it will always happen with Rivatuner !!

I personally haven't noticed this effect when using coolbits, however that doesn't mean it can't happen. Therefore I always tell everybody who is overclocking, to reboot just in case the throttling function has been triggered ??
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