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Originally Posted by SlamDunk
Has this been posted yet? Someone posted Far Cry pics that show HDR and VDM enabled. He's using a GF 6800 Ultra, or that's what his "My PC Specs" are showing...

X800 Game Screenshots!
Yes, it appears as if he is using a GF 6800 Ultra according to this comment in that thread.
But all I can say is wow... Looks quite a bit more advanced than the X800's.
Of course, there's also this comment so *shrug* at this point.
There will be no difference in graphics between the X800's and the GeForce card once the patch comes out - simply because the effects can already be done on 9700/9800 cards, never mind the X800 series.
I find that comment to be a bit misleading. Sure, the 9700/9800 series can likely do those effects...but at what price being that it will be w/ PS2.0 and not 3.0? There could be a substantial efficiency/speed issue. Looks like we'll start finding out soon.
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