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Before I give the answer to your problem I want to give you another advise. Don't try to run the nvidia drivers in xinerama mode when using multiple nvidia cards. (you are likely using xinerama now, the desktop becomes bigger ..) The reason not to use it at the moment is that the nvidia drivers are very buggy using it. Things you don't get are Xv and OpenGL will only work on one screen. The best thing to do is to load multiple Xservers (using one or two XF86Config-4 files)

For some reason it doesn't want to load the NVdriver. There are a few things you can check. Check if /dev/nvidia1 exists (and has the correct permissions) and also check /var/log/messages. I really hope the messages file gives some extra info else I really don't know. Not much people get these errors. (had someone else a few days ago for which I didn't have a solution either)

Others who weren't using a laptop were using (rh) kernel 2.4.18-5 perhaps it is related to a kernel problem. (rh 2.4.18-3 didn't have problems) Ofcourse you are on a different distro.

Dailly I'm on #nvidia and we rarely have that problem there either. If those files don't help us bug nvidia:

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