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Default Re: Driver screwing up tty's 1-6

I am having the exact same problem...when I start X and it loads the "nvidia" driver, the framebuffer console is hosed from then on.

I can disable the framebuffer console and just use the simple VGA console as well and everything works fine, but I have no desire to work with the simple VGA really is a major benefit to get things color-coded at the console and to be able to display more than 25 lines at a time, especially at startup time when trying to read the console messages or when running large scripts.

Saying, "Just don't use framebuffer mode" is a solution, but it's a major inconvenience. Using an Xterm window sucks for the same vi works differently under the console in X than the straight text console. Has anyone found a way to fix this so that the Nvidia driver WON'T hose the framebuffer console?
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