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Default Re: Driver screwing up tty's 1-6

Originally Posted by jerickson314
The problem DOES seem to affect only some cards, but it seems quite unpredictable which cards are affected. For instance, I have had problems with a FX5200 from Asus and an MX440 (I don't remember the vendor), but I had no trouble with an FX5200 from AOpen (besides the fact the card eventually overheated to ruin, but that could have been a problem from poor case ventillation). If you have an older card and are on a 2.4 kernel, you can use version 4363 of the driver. This version has no trouble with the framebuffer but is older and might not support a newer card. I don't know how the version works for kernel 2.6, if you need the framebuffer and are on kernel 2.6 it's probably worth a try.
I've got an FX-5200 and I'm running with an Nforce-2 chipset (I believe it's an Asus motherboard...A7N8X-E). I don't know if I can get support for that card using an older driver. I am on a 2.4.22 kernel right now.

What is the " version"?

Also, this doesn't have anything to do with the GART patch distributed by Nvidia with the Nforce audio and network drivers, does it? I didn't apply it because it said it only worked for 2.4.20 and .21 and as I said I'm 2.4.22.

I mean, right now I'm using the "nv" generic driver and it looks fine. I'm not sure if the official driver is necessary for more graphics-intense things.

I mean, if I NEED to run the Nvidia driver I works great, it's just when I'm not using it that it screws stuff up. I can even type "startx" again on my garbled-ass framebuffer console and get back to a perfectly functional X environment. It just bugs me that it's one or the other and not both.
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