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My experience getting Mandrake 8.1 on it sort of bombed. The good news is that nVidia had come out with Linux drivers. The bad, some distros don't seem to bring one to a prompt so they can get them on.

In my case, the install went through but upon reboot, there was just some disk activity and then a black screen. No prompt, no login screen, no error messages, no nothing. With a black screen, one just can't get in to load nVidia's chipset drivers with.

The only changes since I last installed Mandrake 8.1 were the motherboard (Asus A7V vs Asus A7N266-E) and the GeForce 3 Ti500. My guess is that it isn't taking too well to the chipset. If anyone has any ideas...but when loading it from CD, if I then get a black screen I don't know what can be done without a prompt. The computer just has no I/O that way...
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