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Default Re: Guide to A7N8X Under Linux


I installed SuSE 9.1 on my A7N8X Deluxe 2.0... everything went fine.
Net is working and Sound too... I'll give up trying to compile drivers that don't even compile... (I have the same errors Thoreau has)

Why is it so difficult to do a driver that works for the Release Version of SuSE 9.1 without upgrading something like the Kernel or other stuff?
Have to compile this and that.. download this package ... modifiing that file etc.
I'm tired of it...
Wouldn't it be possible to write an installer like the one for the graphics driver?
Download it ---> execute it ---> if neccesary it downloads and compiles the neccessary **** ---> working ... ?
Just a suggestion so don't take it personal
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