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Default A7N8X Deluxe Sound Probs

i am very new to linux, using mandrake 10 official and am having some probs with my sound card.

It works but when i try to play 2 sounds at the same time one of them fails.

Also i am not able to hear or be heard in teamspeak 2, which is a problem as i am part of a clan in ET.

Could someone plz tell me if there are drivers for the sound card for kernel 2.6.3-7mdk and if so where i can download them.

Also in the control center under sound card i have 2 things, one being the nforce2 audio codec interface and the other being the APU.

The ACI has a module called snd-intel8x0 but the APU has unknown next to the module, is this causing me problems?

Any help would be great

Cheers in advance
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