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Default Re: A7N8X Deluxe Sound Probs

Your problem has to do with the nforce drivers, not mandrake or you.

nvidia has not released a linux driver for their APU, the intel8x0 driver is for the ac97 codec, which allows you to play sound, but nvidia has not released support in their nforce drivers for the soundstorm APU, which handles most of the features. As a result you will have no hardware mixing (playing 2 sounds at once), you will have to configure mandrake to use software mixing or just put up with one sound at a time.

This has been a problem with the A7N8X board for some time under linux, what would otherwise make it the perfect linux motherboard.
I have emailed nvidia some time ago, the reply said in a nutshell that nvidia were not making any more money by providing the onboard sound included in their southbridge chipset.

Yet for such a nice feature which i have been told results in sound that would match the sound of a Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1, which is currently the best sound card for linux, nvidia still has not released a driver to support this.

I suggest you email nvidia and voice your opinion.
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