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Default Re: NVidia framebuffer driver to replace vesafb

I strongly dislike the current graphics architecture under Linux that is built entirely around X as the only fully supported Graphics/UI-System.
Normally, graphics stuff - accelerated or not - should be handled on a documented and interfaceable layer below the UI system. The trouble we experience currently around XFree and xorg shows how important it is to have something that just does graphics without dependencies on anything UI specific.
The XFree architecture since 4.0 already has been a step in this direction, now it's time to push this one step further.
I'm thinking of something like the current X-Vesafb-Server, but with full 2D/3D acceleration support.

Well, what should be done is:
1. The kernel developers should specify a complete, stable and fast X-independent kernel mode graphics API and driver interface with full acceleration support
2. The XFree or xorg architects should develop a generic X server that builds on this kernel mode graphics API
3. NVIDIA should release a stable and fast generic driver for the low-level API with no X-specific stuff in it

I'm sure it's possible to get accelerated OpenGL support into this architecture, too, with only very few (if any) performance impact on GLX and 3D-apps running under X.
(The generic API doesn't have to be all "kernel mode" ... That's just how the framebuffer device is implemented at the moment... Concerns could be seperated between kernel and user space as performance and stability considerations dictate).

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