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Question 20% CPU load (as reported by 'top') and huge number of interrupts with nvaudio module

Hi all,

I've EpOX RDA3I ver 3.x motherboard with nVidia nforce2 chipset on board. The problem is that after insertion of nvaudio (the same with versions 269 and 274) kernel module the procesor (AthlonXP 2000+) have 20% load (as reported by 'top' and 'procinfo') in system state. The same with i810_audio module wich nvaudio is clone. I've observed too (with 'procinfo') very large number of interrupts generated by nforce audio subsystem after load of any module (nvaudio or i810_audio). I think 20% CPU load is effect of handling by kernel huge number of interrupts.

Does anybody have like this? What can i do?

After longtime of testing many configuration I've no more ideas.

Kernel version: 2.4.26, 2.4.24


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