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Default Linux won't boot

Hello, I have a problem booting linux. Neither lilo nor grub will boot linux on my machine, while they are able to boot windows.
I have an SCSI hard drive on a PCI Adaptec 19160 controller, and it is the primary boot device (I have win98se installed there).
On my motherboard (Asus A7V KT133) there are 2 integrated IDE controllers. On the first controller, secondary channel, I have attached a CD ROM drive and a CD-RW drive, while on the second controller, as primary master, I have an Ultra ATA100 hard disk... and that's where I installed linux (Mandrake 9). I think it's needless to say that from DOS I can't see the hard disk on that controller (and yes, there is also a FAT32 partition on it and it's accessible from Windows). Now lilo or grub on the MBR (that would be on the SCSI hard disk) fail to load linux leaving me with a black screen and a blinking cursor... while booting windows works, and booting linux from a floppy works too.
Any ideas anybody?
Thanks for helping.
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