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Default Re: NVidia framebuffer driver to replace vesafb

Solution found - see below:

It appears that some folks are able to use vesafb to obtain a higher resolution console. I've tried every combination of vga= and video=vesa:... and have come up empty Whenever I respond to the vga=ask with a graphics vesa mode, the screen immediately goes blank and stays that way. The info pop-up window on the monitor confirms that the pixel resolution has changed, but the blank screen is hampering further diagnosis (:

I've been assuming that the remaining kernel boot messages should appear on the screen at the new video resolution. Is this assumption correct, or do I have to wait until a virtual console is redirected to the frame buffer device ???

Gainward SlientFX Ultra/980 (GeForce FX 5700) - Pentium IV @ 3.0 GHz
Stock Redhat 9 with all current RedHat patches (Kernel NOT recompiled)

Thanks, Scott.


SSH from separate machine showed "vesafb: abort, cannot ioremap video
memory 0x10000000 @ 0xd0000000". Following a hunch, I included "mem=512" on the kernel command line and WOLLA it works (Note that machine is configured with 2GB of RAM). Best regards, Scott.

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