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Default Re: x800pro performance...

Originally Posted by Assi9
There is a way... unfortunately it requires some $ and you will have to open your case and open an expansion slot.

I've been using these suckers for a while now. Great cooling for video cards IMO.
The problem with this unit from the thread is that its going to be blowing air over 2 pci slots and not directly over the AGP port for one thing. Also, since all vid cards now and last generation have a fan right on the vid card, that unit will interrupt the air flow coming away from the vid card and will cause turbulence(bad for case cooling). Although some ppl may get this to help some, its not going to get the same results as the link suggests, especially since that link shows an extremely OLD AMD Duron processor in the test system and that system has no video card with a built in fan(ie voodoo 3)
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