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Default Re: replacement 5800U Blower

Originally Posted by ricercar
This doesn't answer your exact question, but I successfully watercooled a 5800 with a Koolance LH-06 block. It's certainly quieter (0dBA +/- 3DdB), but it's not a fan.

I bought Walter's 5800 Ultra for more NV30 watercooling experiments. I'm concerned that 'normal' RAMsinks aren't going to be sufficient for the DDR2 at 500/1000, and waiting for the Cool Matic FX RAM blocks to get back in stock. (I left the stock RAMsinks on the 5800 non-ultra so I wouldn't have to worry about DDRII for that experiment.)
Other than watercooling, not that I know of Rage. (unless you can convince ABIT to sell you an OTES setup)

I've considered that Zalman or Thermaltake setup with the fan on top, especially as I have a slot fan in front of it blowing right on it anyway, but haven't had the stones to risk the card.

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