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Default Re: DFP and TV: I want DFP to be the primary display!

I have a flight sim application that I need to use both the VGA and DVI outputs on a series 5950 video carsd modified for genlock by RPA Electronics. I want to clone the DVI output to the VGA. I can get clone mode working correctly, but it causes a problem in my set up. Currently we have 4 1280x1024 inputs to a Laser Projector that produces a seamless 5120x1024 output (later to be upgraded to 5120x4096). The projector requires genlocked input. The software must also make use of genlock to make sure each of the 4 (the upgrade will use 16) PCs rendering the scene, the database server, and the system master stay synchronized so that they start their processing of the data at the same time. This is to prevent shearing in the scene. Now the problem I have is that when I set it up for clone mode, I am getting shearing in the scene. This does not occur when DVI only mode is used. The software is making use of signals tied to the genlock, which seems to be tied to the primary display, which seems to be hard coded to the VGA in the driver, in order to make sure the PCs stay synchronized. We need to have the DVI as the primary and we would like the VGA as the secondary in order to stop the shear. The purpose for the VGA output is that we need to be able to monitor the PC output separately, as an operator cannot be in the ****pit when the system is fully operational. We do not need to worry about the individual VGA scene or any lag that it may have with regards to any of the VGA scenes, as it will be selected through a KVM and only one of the VGA outputs will be seen at a time. In our case we can not just simply switch which monitor things will appear on.
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