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Default Re: Thief 3 Deadly Shadows Thread

I like this game a lot more than Deus Ex:IW. It hasnt crashed yet and I havent had any stuttering yet even though the framerate could be better.

I actually find the graphics a real relief. A lot of this is because in my view thief 1 and 2 had the worst graphics going. worse than quake 1. The AI seems better as well.

my only complaints would be that the play areas arent as big as they could be, though definitely bigger than Deus Ex:IW. Also the gameplay seems to get a bit monotonous but i suppose its not an action title.

I actually find the performance less of an issue than far cry. In that game speed is a necessity because of all the long range shots being aimed at you when youre in exposed positions. In this you can sneak off to some shadows and chill for a bit instead of having to run manically about.

overall a good game. If i like it enough i may even play through thief 1 and 2 to see what the storys about and maybe even then onto all the previous looking glass games.
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