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Default Re: options agpgart agp_try_unsupported=1

Originally posted by Omnifarious
Perhaps nVidia could *gasp* contribute to an Open Source project and add the correct code to agpgart.c as well.
Why should they? Seeing as the KT400 is not an nVidia chipset (it's a Via one), and seeing as nVidia did not write any of the agpgart code in the first place (and they therefore aren't a maintainer of it), I really don't see any reason why they should write a driver. Seeing as they're completely unfamiliar with the chipset...

I remember someone else having a KT400 chipset, and one of these two working for them.

If I remember correctly, they had issues too with it originally, but then they tried a different video card, and everything worked wonderfully. Although that might have been the SiS 651 chipset, I don't think it was.
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