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As soon as there's an option using Open Source drivers that comes within 75% of the performance of an nVidia card, I'm dropping nVidia as fast as I can.

I think their closed source drivers are untrustworthy, and I hate loading them into my kernel. It's high ickiness. The only reason I do it is because I think buying and running games under Linux is more important than avoiding nVidia for their stupid policy.

I don't suppose they're responsible for making the KT400 chipset work. But their drivers really annoy me and tend to cloud my thinking in their regard. Whenever anything crashes on my computer, those drivers are the first suspects, since I know they've undergone no peer review outside their own company.

Anyway, their drivers have a whole range of non-nVidia chipsets they support. So, I thought maybe they'd want to support another.
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