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Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R
Err Dude! I am running roughly around 1.8gig. You know 1 way of ganing framrate is to close of al things in bg like explorer and other services in XP and overclock your video card to extremes. Unless it is going 20fps on my system but feels like it's moving at 30fps+.
Naah, my card -GF3 ti 200 is OC'd to 220/500 and most of the things are shut -ok zonealarm is not. But hey.

I think that quadratic lightning and lack of shadows improve the performance for you.

What is quadratic lightning like?

You said ur having 35 FPS + all the time... and that is impressive for P4 1.8 I'd think.

Mine is usually around 25-27 in towns, sometimes dips to 20-21, and outside the towns 30-40. Still no problems but I have to keep the view slider at @ 1/3 in the towns - sometimes outside I slilde it all way trough to enjoy the view but I have to change it when I arrive to the cities.

edit: I took a look at your website here from work, but I can't see much (perhaps because I don't have digital vibrance option here) but can you post some downsized image in a city during the day, for us to see that quadratic lightning effect (while wea re at work and can't play with the settings )

- and yes - for those who say it is too easy - go for next charachter who doesn't use magic - or is really bad at it, and try again at most difficult setting. I hope it should be fun again espec as you have not done many minor quests most likely at the first try.

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