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Default Re: 6800 Series Anti Aliasing Sample patterns

I thought ATI had the edge anti-aliasing solution in the bag, now I am not so sure. The quality for 2x/4x MSAA is far as I am concerned the same. The ATI 6x compared to Nvidia's new 8xS I think will go to Nvidia due to the FSAA part. I am definitely looking forward to all of this. Temporal AA is interesting but I've only found one game that it worked well on and that was MaxPayne II (that was on an old 9700Pro I might add). The choice of both using MSAA and FSAA as well as a combination of the two is great. Some games won't do MSAA but will do FSAA, Splinter Cell is one of them if I am not mistaken. If so, then I will probably get Splinter Cell now.

ChrisRay, could you check into titles that do not do MSAA like Splinter Cell, that is if you have them and see they will work with FSAA?
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