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Default Re: nForce Drivers for Kernel 2.6?

Phew, a nice set of 2.6 compliant NForce drivers would be tops.
There's that nice audio control panel which is now out (I like the look/idea for it on a Linux system, fair enough it looks like a prettier version of the other mixers, but hey, if it really does the job nicely with the nvaudio component, it's a good thing), but no way at all for me to actually compile their dedicated drivers.
Given that the 2.6 series kernel is in all the new distros, it really does make sense to work more on that kernel revision. Loads of people will be upgrading their kernels, and certainly moving across to the new distros in a very short space of time.
Having the drivers ready to roll will make a huge difference to the perception of the involvement of NVidia with the Linux OS.
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