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What I would want is.

1. CPU scaling - The processor at 100 FSB / 133 FSB/ max OC FSB.
- for 2 games at least or for 3D mark + a game or two
2. 3Dmark regular - 1024 x768
3. All games benchmarked at 1024 x 768 to give an overview of general performance
4. everything tested @ 32 bit color
5. games :
*Serious Sam II
*RCTW or Jedi II (just one of them - actually the one that normally gives lower scores overall)
*Grand Prix 4
*some flight sim for that audience
*Warcraft 3
* - add in Q3 for good measure with the past

- maybe add a few other genres to see how the games perform in one or the other type of display.

Out of these all pick two again and put them trough the paces - one would be the most advanced - like UT2003 and the other would be Most popular (at least for benchmarking on the other sites) - while that is debatable pick a OGL game if UT2003 is DX - or so, and do from 640 x 480 to 1600x 1200.

Put those two games trough AA tests as well. Perhaps all AA levels @ 800x600 and onwards to 1600 x 1200. - the same two games for CPU scaling at "normal" 1024x768 - or 640 x480 if it shows the change better. -and some CPU scaling + most useful/stressful AA setting

So my methodology - if I was a games tester would be -

1. do regular 3DMark thing
2. Pick two games and do it all on them. One DX and one OGL while trying that one of them is most advanced at the time and the other most popular (but from other stable )

3. Take a bunch of games - even more than the ones that I listed above - that cover most genres - and test the cards only at one - most popular so to speak - setting. To check games compatibilty and relative performance accross genres instead of seeing the same thing with a couple of games over and over again.

4 If you could maybe you can pick an older game that is still popular like CS and do max AA max Anisotropy -and all other settings max, and see what you come out with - or the same with Q3 - because the border has moved now to that engine - assumiong that all the games before can be played at MAX settings with no problems.

That would be a good roundup. One review to bind 'em all one to rule them all.
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