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Default AGP no-go in FC2


The drivers do indeed work with 4kstacks, but AGP no longer works, neither agpgart nor nVIDIAs internal AGP. I use the 2.6.6-1.435 kernel custom compiled with and without agpgart to test the internal nvidia AGP driver.

Result w/agpgart:
AGP fails to initialize => disabled

Result w/NvAGP "1" (agpgart NOT enabled/loaded):
Machine hang during X bootup, Xorg log file unusable

Chipset: Intel 815
GFX card: Asus GeForce2 MX 400

I am really disappointed, I thought I had pretty vanilla and old hardware, and have never had any kind of AGP problems before. Performance truly sucks without AGP, both 2D and 3D.

*sigh* back to the good-old nv-driver; fast 2D, has never failed me yet.

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