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Default Re: 1.0-6106 for X86-32 thread

Hi all,

First, I managed to get TVout working with this driver, it seems that now TVout is limited to 800x600. If i use this resolution, everything is OK, if I choose 1024x768 X won't start and the console freezes.

Why this regression? Will it be possible to use again 1024x768?

Second, I'd some problem to use kernel 2.6.7 not with SuSE 9.1, but with my hardware.

I've only SCSI drives, the domain validation was rewritten and fails with one of my devices ( the boot disk !!!). I'd to modify the scsi driver in order to get everything working. I didn't meet other problems. Please describe yours, and I can try to help you but perhaps not on this forum if it doesn't concern Nvidia.

again to Nvidia.

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