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Default Re: Is there an issue with nForce 1 and Linux?

The CD drive is needed. All of my CD drives are SCSI too. BTW, it's a SCSI card, but not a RAID controller, the 2 drives aren't stripped or anything, and the card has no hardware based RAID support. Also, I've had this SCSI card, and all these same drives since December 2000. I got this motherboard, CPU, and RAM in February 2002. From December 200 till February 2002, Linux both loaded and run on my computer quite happily, in both Red Hat and Mandrake. I think it's safe to assume the SCSI card is not the culprit...

Mandrake got the black screen of death immediately, with nothing having ever displayed to video. Just a little disk activity, and that was it. Nothing ever displayed after the Lilo screen...

THX though for the suggestion. Someone suggested trying Mandrake 10.0 or Fedora Core 2. I'll need to check them, when I can get down to burning CDs. Gento is another distro I could try. Should know more then. THX for the info.
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