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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 2.0 vs 3.0

Originally Posted by Drax
I hate crap like this. I hate movie screenings where the press gets to see a movie before the public. You guys got this patch just because your reviewers huh? We get it AFTER the weekend. Or is there still internal testing occuring? I guess not as it's the weekend. I would love to see a game company start that actualy cares as much for the public as making money, but I don't see that ever happening.

BTW I know the knee jerk reaction is to write off this post as a flame, but I'm being dead serious. What if Half-Life 2 or Doom 3 was given no exposure to the press before release. Where the first people to buy the game where the first people to experience it's content. The game would be loved 10 fold by those players vrs the current status where people are already judging how much they're going to like or hate it based on the nice slice of info we have on it.

Ok sorry for the hijack. I've just been waiting and waiting to see someone do bussiness this way. If they where good at what they did they would have the most loyal fan base out there.
It's called preview bud. U know those sort that websites like nV News etc do. This is done so the messages can be spread wide and far by nV News or other websites. I suppose u have a problemw ith game websites or magazine getting early betas/previews of games too huh?
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