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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 2.0 vs 3.0

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Actually no. In my experience outdoor areas (with the exception of Research) were the biggest gains. And surprisingly the areas with heavy pixel shaders have shown minimal gains. It's the Geometry areas (Like out doors with grass ect) which have shown great gains.

For example. My Far Volcano Bench was done on that Metal Bridge with 4 routes, (which go north, South, East, And west) and it showed the gains you have seen ((This is the area where you run through a cross fire with those damned big arse things with rocket launcers on their arms shooting at you from underneath))

So the areas where you would most likely see the FPS dip the most are showing some of the best gains with SM3? This would be the IDEAL situation. Raise the minimum fps as much as possible instead of raising the highest fps.

This is making my decision of getting the 6800u that much easier....

(btw. I feel ashamed...but until I get a new video card I haven't been able to play Far Cry heh. I've just been staring at screen shots of it for the past 6 freakin months....dammit.)
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