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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 2.0 vs 3.0

Originally Posted by Waffles
on multi-dude batching can all the "dudes" be different or something? Like if you try to use geometry instancing in a RTS would all the models be animated the exact same? er don't know if I'm 'splaining this too well...

Imagine a Foosball table All the guys spin at the same time, etc. With geometry instancing would all the dupes have to be at the same frame of the animation?

Ohh hell how about someone with some SM3 knowledge try explaining geometry instancing
A few details from MikeC's preview found here;

A programmable vertex shader consists of instructions that manipulate vertex element data such as color, position, and texture coordinates. During the execution of a vertex shader, data is sent to an arithmetic logic unit (ALU) to perform the requested arithmetic and Boolean operations. The rasterization process operates on vertex component streams, which are comprised of vertex elements defined in the vertex shader.

Prior to vertex shader 3.0, a vertex shader was called once per vertex. Every time a vertex shader was called, its input registers, which are bound to vertex element data, were initialized with the vertex elements from the vertex streams.
Vertex shader 3.0 allows an application to assign a rate at which vertex shader input registers are initialized. The rate determines the number of vertices that are processed before obtaining data from the vertex stream and loading it to the input registers.

The Vertex Frequency Stream Divider will benefit games that frequently make use of objects that are replicas of one another. In many cases, these objects are designed to perform similar actions and therefore can be efficiently controlled by the rate at which the vertex stream data is updated. The developer can also issue a "batch" update, which will affect all of the objects in a scene or limit the effect to a specific group of objects thereby providing them with unique characteristics.
So i guess the dudes...must be same or similar.
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