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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 2.0 vs 3.0

Originally Posted by Drax
Does the SM3.0 functions also take some work off the CPU?? (I kinda doubt it helps much there, but I'm no hardware expert) It would be nice if the larger battles saw some improvement as well.
Geometry instancing like it is used for the vegetation in the new FarCry patch does decrease CPU load noticeable.

Originally Posted by Drax
It's not like ATI isn't ever going to have SM3.0 anyways. With the next batch of cards this will no longer be an issue, so Valve will no doubt have SM3.0 in the Source engine (before or after ATI's next launch will be the big question).
yes I know, next year ATI will also have SM3.0 capable hardware and they will actually profit as much as nvidia from the games which by then already support SM3.0.

However till the day arrives when the first SM3.0 Radeon ships, nvidia will have the advantage of being the only one supporting SM3.0 all along and offering increased performance in many big gaming titles. That's the reason why nvidia has been pushing SM3.0 for a few months. They want to make sure that SM3.0 matters before ATI supports it.
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