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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 2.0 vs 3.0

Originally Posted by fivefeet8
I know it's been stated that VS3 instancing is used on the grass to raise perfomance. Is there other things that are using it as well? Say the trees or bushes? There are some scenes where you see a lot of trees and bushes. Can you guys test these areas of the game to see if there are also performance increases there? If none, then maybe we still haven't seen what Instancing is capable of. Maybe with more time, Crytek could make all the vegetation in Far Cry instanced.


it should be pointed that this is just a quick patch .. made to a game that is already finished.. there can be a huge diference between a game optimized from the ground up for SM3.0 ,than a PS1.x/P2x game which add Sm3.0 improvements here or there..

Geometry Intancing alone fully implemented in every geometry can show 2x times the performance than not using it.Nvidia have an asteroids demo where they can render twice the polygons for the same Fps.. just using G.I.

as other pointed the best gains in performance are exactly in the places where more work in done.. Scenes with many lights can be done in just 1 pass.. and there you get huge performances benefits.
FOrest with G.I will also show great benefits. G.I can be very powerfull for Crowded scenes with many soldiers ,FOrest or for FLight simulators to add more detail to the terrain which is lots more polygons and objects in a scene.
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