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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 3.0 performance

Originally Posted by mikechai
A few notes by looking at the above figures:-
1. There is a big difference between AT and FS numbers.
2. In FS article, from 4xAA to 4xAA+8xAF, XT PE drops very minimal (< 4 fps), while 6800U drops 9-13 fps (no TriOpt?).
3. FS article - XT PE clearly wins, AT article - 6800U clearly wins.

Any thoughts?
Well AT numbers have always been higher then other sights on any of the last 6800 review so not sure whats up. FS/TR seems to be more in line with the other sites (Xbit, PC Presective, ect). Not saying AT is Evil just that they are always high....

Edit what also makes AT numbers a bit wondersome is he has a "400"mhz slower CPU and yet faster numbers? (granted its not a 400mhz as this is the AMD parts with their rating system).... Again not saying anything is evil just i dont know why that would be the case...

Kudo's to NV. Guess I should not have given my GT away

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