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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 3.0 performance

Originally Posted by schuey74
First of all, congrats to all 6800 owners as now you'll experience the game the way you should.
Now to the subject at hand. Why is Anandtech the only one showing the 6800 winning, and winning big sometimes? Every other preview has the X800 XT ahead in the majority of the benchmarks and sometimes significantly, regardless of the path being run. I didn't see any sites running anything but the Cat 4.6s for the ATI cards so I don't think it can be their drivers. What's the deal?!
most likely because those are the best case situations. Sm3.0 patch will not benefit is situations where is not used ..Facry is not 100% a SM3.0 game it only PS2.0/1.x game with some 3.0 improvements. means that there is far more room for improvements . but i dont think they are going to rewrite their game for Sm3.0 .. hehe. unless they $$sell it as a mission pack or a new game. which is not a bad idea.. many will buy it.. if Farcry where from the ground optimized for Sm3.0 the game ,performance will be much higher with a LOT more advanced effects and graphics and out of the Box..

here is a screenshot of more cool stuff comming to the game.
the Patch 1.3 will add new effects and graphics from HDR using 64bit Fpblending /Dynamic softshadows and offset Mapping.

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