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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 3.0 performance

Originally Posted by Nv40
play Facry with a vanilla Geforcefx5200 (a Dx9 card) with higher playable settings you can ,and later play it with a radeon9800XT overcloked in a High end system.. and you will see how better performance allows unprecedent levels of realism.

64bits FP HDR and DM are already included in Farcry but in the 1.3 patch. it just that still is not released to the public since its in beta stages. patch 1.2 only add performance improvements and fix Iq issues.
they are talking about SM3.0 so we cant relate this to any other card than the 6800,well im already playing it on a 6800u, and 2-10 fps isnt gonna make it more realistic, on the other hand HDR and displacement mapping will definately make it more realistic. So judging by cryteks post HDR and DM is in the 1.2 patch

we can still only wish :P
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