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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 3.0 performance

Originally Posted by Nv40
most likely because those are the best case situations. Sm3.0 patch will not benefit is situations where is not used ..Facry is not 100% a SM3.0 game it only PS2.0/1.x game with some 3.0 improvements. means that there is far more room for improvements . but i dont think they are going to rewrite their game for Sm3.0 .. hehe. unless they $$sell it as a mission pack or a new game. which is not a bad idea.. many will buy it.. if Farcry where from the ground optimized for Sm3.0 the game ,performance will be much higher with a LOT more advanced effects and graphics and out of the Box..

here is a screenshot of more cool stuff comming to the game.
the Patch 1.3 will add new effects and graphics from HDR using 64bit Fpblending /Dynamic softshadows and offset Mapping.

Yea, I agree with the mission pack statement. It's the best thing Crytek can do if they aren't including 2.0 fallbacks where possible. This way, if you buy the expansion pack, you can't bitch about the 3.0 effects not running on your 2.0 card as you knew before hand what you were buying. My problem was with alienating customers who dished out the same $40 that 6800 owners did for the game.
I completely understand where the 1.2 patch will benefit the 6800s most, grass & lighting, but the discrepencies in the previews are quite large. I mean, Anand shows the 6800U (not the UE) demolishing the X800 XT in certain levels where FS and most others actually show the XT holding an advantage. Weren't all the sites using the demos provided by Nvidia, plus a couple of their own? The fact is that only Anand is showing the 6800s passing the X800s in performance, while every other preview is showing that the gap between both cards in this game has basically disappeared.
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