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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 3.0 performance

Originally Posted by Clay
Did you feel the same way initially with ATI's TruForm tech?
I think you took my statement out of context. I have absolutely no problem with a path being released which enables a ton of 3.0 effects. My problem was with there being no fallback to 2.0 when possible, and it is possible in the majority of situations. You can't complain cause you have a 2.0 card and you're not able to experience 3.0 effects. You can complain when you card is purposely being held back, despite being capable of producingthe effects. I would have the same problem if HL2 does not have all the 2.0 effects available to FX 59xx owners just because they would run it slow. Their card's capable of it, albeit at lower rezes, so they should have the option to enable them or not.
Truform was exclusive to ATI and SM 3.0 is not exclusive to Nvidia. The more 3.0 games out there, the better it is for everyone, especially in the long run. I applaud Nvidia for getting SM 3.0 into this generation of cards and for pushing it so hard with developers. Obviously they do this with their interests in mind, but a definete side effect is that there will be a ton more advanced DX9 games out there.
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