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Default Re: 1.0-6106 for X86-32 thread

Originally Posted by Prommy
Just one tiny question: Do you really see any difference on your tv? I am quite sure that you don't. I also ran my tv at 1024x768 up til some time ago when someone in this forum informed me of the low resolution of tv's. I switched to 640x480 and there was absolutely no difference when watching movies. It's just a waste of gfx memory to use 1024x768 on a tv!

I absolutely, without any doubt, can tell you it makes a BIG difference. Maybe not to the odd divx, but I'm running MythTV. I'm using that for hi res movies, looking at photos (from 5+ megapixel cameras), playing games, surfing the web, etc etc. Makes a HUGE difference and it's the whole reason I sought out the graphics card in the first place. I'm really dissapointed
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