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Default Re: 1.0-6106 for X86-32 thread

Originally Posted by Kamel
that *must* be the placebo effect -- a tv's scanlines are only 320x240, but they update in odd intervals, making the effect of 640x480 -- so technically it's not even 640x480; that is... unless you have hdtv, which is right at 1024x768... even then, with most HDTV compliant tv's the difference isn't that great; many projection tv's will be "hdtv compatable", which basically means it will play hdtv formatted stuff, but at crappy quality -- equivalent to watching a dvd in vhs quality, it's just kinda pointless.
Full PAL resolution is 720x576. Doesn't quite sit with what you have said above! I'm not saying I understand the technicalities of it, BUT, I can assure you that everything looks "crappier" at 800x600. Even the g/f notices it. The box for my GF4 MX440 says it will do 1024x768, so that is what I expect it to do.
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