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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 3.0 performance

Originally Posted by Nv40
here is Xbitlabs..

they give the crown of FArcry to the 6800Ultra ..and with or without Sm3.0 (1.2 patch).. the Gt outscore in every test the X800pro. and this time with all IQ issues Fixed at full Fp32 precision. however it remains to be seen if ATI issues when using High quality shadows have been fixed (not rendering them).the reason for some sites using medium quality shadows there.
Like I said earlier, performance looks about equal as some of the benchmarks had the X800XT winning and I still think X800 owners have no reason to get the 1.2 patch as it dropped performance and introduced "unintentional" bugs.

But whatever makes you feel better I guess LOL!

I am not sure where you saw them running the benchmarks with the lower quality shadows. There is really only one level that has the shadow bug and it's the Boat level that no one is even testing from what I have seen.
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