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Default Re: 1.0-6106 for X86-32 thread

Originally Posted by zoot
I am using the TV as a clone of my CRT so i have to restart my X and alter my conf to change the desktop size. And got 64 MB vram so i dont care about "wasting memory". And I found a work around, if a activate my TV and CRT when i start X it works o_O but thats means i have to my tv cable connected...
i agree for twinview to be effective i have to change back to 800x600 metamode on both screens

but 800x600 looks rubbish on the monitor and 1024 is disabled for the tv

why did nvidia do this to us i don't care about the technicalities of how its not the proper resolution for the television , all i know is that the convenience that it had before has gone now

and its not as if theres an easy way to change resolutions too much editing
not even worth my time

i guess u can tell am not happy about this
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