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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 3.0 performance

sorry but couldnt resist..
can any one imagine all top titles Hl2/Doom3/Stalker/Thief with this kind SM3.0 improvements? and this is just the begining
from anandtech:
Image quality of both SM2.0 paths are on par with eachother, and the SM3.0 path on NVIDIA hardware shows negligable differences. The very slight variations are most likely just small fluctuations between the mathematical output of a single pass and a multipass lighting shader. The difference is honestly so tiny that you can't call either rendering lower quality from a visual standpoint. We will still try to learn what exactly causes the differences we noticed from CryTek.

The main point that the performance numbers make is not that SM3.0 has a speed advantage over SM2.0 (as even the opposite may be true), but that single pass per-pixel lighting models can significantly reduce the impact of adding an ever increasing number of lights to a scene.
what conclusions did the other reviewers come to?
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