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Default Re: 1.0-6106 for X86-32 thread

For me it is the same problem as Arthur's.

I've installed Fedora Core new with standard options. Updated the kernel to 2.6.6-435.2.3 and installed the new nvidia driver.

After updating the xorg.conf file and restarting the x server - no reaction - just a black screen and the monitor is not initiated.

In the log files everything is fine - it ends up with (II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "1024x768"

The only error occured was during installation of the nvidia driver - i got a warning to rivafb module activated in the kernel. But even with a new compiled kernel without rivafb support the same picture.

I hope for a fast solution or have anybody solved this problem?

Hardware: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti4600 NV25 with EIZO FlexScan L557 on a Athlon XP 2500+
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