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Default Re: Please make search results, esp. New Posts results last longer

Originally Posted by CherryPopper
The only major drawback i see from the upgrade to the V 3.0 bulletin system is that any time i do a new posts search.... and start to browse the listings, often by the time i get to page 3 or 4 of the search result threads the listings have suddenly vanished... apparently much more quickly "lost" or deleted than search listings were under the 2.0 system.

Is there any way to increase the time frame for new post search results to "Stay" in memory before loosing them like it is now? I'm sure this setting must be adjustable somewhere.
Does this problem only happen when you navigate from page to page? Does it happen when you select a post to read and then return to the page listing the new posts? If so, do you use the back arrow in the browser to return to the listing page?

Update 1: Hmm, I wonder what the selection criteria for the new posts feature is? I went back and ran it again after I posted this message, and the number of new posts was less. The results went from 2 pages to 1 page.

Update 2: I think a post may have been deleted...
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