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Default ddcprobe fails

I'm running red hat 9, with the 2.6.7 kernel.

GeForce4 Ti4600

I installed the 1.0-6106 drivers.

I made the necessary changes to my x86 config file.

When I reboot, it fails to load X because it says that it can't find a good monitor configuration. I realized that this is because ddcprobe is failing. I'm not sure why this is, or why it is even running ddcprobe, because I've already specified in the config file that my monitor is a ViewSonic PF790.

I see two possible solutions:

1) Somehow tell X not to try to probe my monitor, and just trust what I say it is in the X86 config file

2) Somehow get a working version of ddcprobe that can actually tell what kind of monitor I have.

Has anyone else encountered this?
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