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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 3.0 performance

The control panel was used to set the antialiasing level, which doesn't work with FarCry unless set specifically in the FarCry profile (which was not done here)
I wondered about what would happen if you DID enable the Far Cry Profile in the nVidia control panel, and then control AA/AF within the Far Cry control panel.
System A64 3000+/768MB CAS 2.5 DDR 333/Ref GF6800 NU/Windows XP Home
Driver rev. 61.45
All Far Cry settings Very High, Trilinear Enabled, default rendering
All demos looped multiple times, not averaged as they were always 1.5 fps

10X7X32 0X 0X
SM2- 80fps
SM3- 95fps

SM2- 132fps
SM3- 139fps

10X7X32 2X 8X
SM2- 48fps
SM3- 66fps

SM2- 82fps
SM3- 90fps

10X7X32 4X 8X
SM2- 36fps
SM3- 53fps

SM2- 61fps
SM3- 67fps
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